Why spring is a great time to find the right suburban hometown

With spring just around the corner, many people are poised to begin their search for a new home in the New York City suburbs. And for good reason – there are a number of factors that make spring home hunting ideal throughout New Jersey, Long Island, Westchester, and Connecticut.

But getting an early start can be critical. Here are a few things that everyone should consider as they embark on the search for a suburban home as the weather warms up.

Personality: With the region awakening form its winter hibernation, spring is often the best time to get the best sense of a town or neighborhood’s real personality. You’ll see people out on the streets, kids in the playgrounds, bustling villages, and vibrant communities on full display. If you’re worried about finding a town that really fits your personality, spring can be an ideal time to assess what a place is really like.

Inventory: A major challenge for many of the most desirable NYC suburban towns is inventory. There often simply aren’t enough homes on the market to meet demand. And that’s one strong factor in favor of spring home hunting – many sellers put their houses on the market at this time, hoping to take advantage of rejuvenated buyers gearing up their post-winter search. Spring is often the best time to get an early look at lots of new on-the-market homes that can be a great fit for you and your family

Competitiveness: But let’s not forget that you won’t be the only one taking advantage of the busy season. With flowers in bloom and houses available for the taking, lots of other home seekers will be on the move as well. It’s often best to get an early start so you can beat the rush.

So how best to get a head start on the process, especially if you don’t know which towns to focus on?  Check out PicketFencer.com to learn more.