Millennials Look to the Suburbs, Not Cities, for First Homes


Curbed just published an in-depth piece on the home buying behavior of millennials, who many have assumed prefer urban living over suburban. But is it actually true?  From the story:

For years, the conventional wisdom has been that millennials prefer urban living and the culture and excitement of the big, dense cities, want to be flexible and avoid owning a home, and if given a choice, would rent an apartment in a development like Taxi in a heartbeat. But as millennials age, and more marry and consider starting families, the numbers tell a different story.

As someone who was born and raised in Manhattan, there’s no doubt that suburban living has its advantages: more space, more trees, better schools, and an all around more relaxed lifestyle. And while that may not be for everyone, it certainly appeals to a lot of people, regardless of their age.


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